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Nuvo360 National Coverage Map
Nuvo360 National Coverage Map

Matterport Centralized Scanning Services

We live in a technology-based world that heavily relies on the use of modern-day solutions to present-day matters. For that reason, people and businesses constantly search for experts and professionals utilizing the most updated equipment to solve issues as they arise, or to simply make their everyday operations easier. 

When it comes to creating virtual tours of a business, in order to bring the experience closer to the audience, hiring a professional matterport team is the best decision you can make. Today, we are here to explain why this is an important step to take, whether you are looking for a way to increase the value of your business or simply receive a detailed image of your space for marketing. 

Before we introduce you to our team and what makes us a leading company in the industry, let us first explain what Matterport virtual tours actually are.



What is Matterport?

It’s a web-based platform that we use to create detailed virtual representations of any type of space, whether it’s your home, business, manufacturing plant, airplane, cruise ship, electric plant or museum. To put it simply, it’s a medium that helps us create a 3D digital twin of any given space. The platform uses 360° photography to transform real-life spaces into a virtual model that is exactly the same as the physical one. Once the 3D scans are uploaded on it, they are processed and converted into a digital copy that contains everything up to the smallest detail in order to be true to the real-life example.  



Why go virtual?

360° virtual tours continue to grow in popularity, and there are plenty of reasons for that, especially when it comes to your business. A 3D image of the space will allow your current and future clients to interact with the place without having to go to the physical location. Just think about how convenient it would be for someone to learn about your services from the comfort of their home, especially if they live far away from your business’s physical premises. Flying executive team members to do site visits is no longer a requirement. Our team comes to the site, captures the business and delivers the model via a google spreadsheet.  Once created, we can input notations, videos, text, photos, links and so much more.  Share amongst your team, or send across the globe. 

Another reason why getting a 3D Matterport tour will only prove to increase your client’s satisfaction is that it will help you raise their trust and convey the feeling of transparency. Giving them an opportunity to take a behind-the-scenes peek will allow them to see your company’s personality and create a positive impression. This is a very important aspect of every growing and successful business.  Hiring a professional team to do the job is the best option available. 

Nuvo360 Dollhouse
Nuvo360 Dollhouse

The importance of hiring professionals

From the very beginning of our work, our Nuvo360 Team has been committed to the mission we all share – to offer our clients superior service and provide them with a high-quality product at a reasonable price. And getting a top-notch result by yourself – especially if you aren’t very experienced with 360° photography – can be a big bite for you. So, why stress yourself out when you can hire a team of professionals to do the job perfectly? 


We began our journey guided by the strong belief that a company is much more than the services it provides. For one, it needs to have a personality, and, more importantly, to easily present its value to all current and potential customers. And is there a better way to do that than giving them an opportunity to explore it through a virtual tour?


Since we’ve been working in this field for so long, we know how to help with your business presentation quickly and effectively. Our Nuvo360 Team uses the advantages of 3D digital technology and additionally offers HDR photography, drone, videography, and 2D/3D floor plans of any physical space. By getting a single three-dimensional capture of your space, we’re able to offer you an accurate product, whether you need it for business representation or to get precise measurements. 


To further increase the convenience of our services, we provide our clients with an easy-to-share link to the tour, which you can later use to publish on your website and social media accounts or send via emails or texts. In addition, you can convert our Nuvo360 3D tours into Google Street View tours, and attract a global audience to learn about your business.


360° Cameras

Being a team of highly-skilled professionals, Nuvo360 uses only top-notch equipment in order to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services. For that reason, we use the highest-quality Matterport hardware and software and Leica survey-grade equipment, which helps us remain on the cutting edge of 3D technology to this day. 

Matterport Pro3 Camera


Currently, we use our Matterport Pro3 camera and take advantage of its LIDAR scanning properties. This is what proves to show the best and highest-quality results in terms of detail and precision. However, not every space we capture allows us to use the same professional equipment, which is why we are ready to use whatever it’s required to provide you with the final result you’ll be happy with. If you strive for accuracy, then the combination of our expertise and the equipment we use is exactly what you need to achieve your business or personal goals.

Being aware of all it takes to create an interactive digital image of your space, we are confident that we have given you enough reasons to believe hiring professional capture technicians is a best choice. Not only will you receive a complete and high-quality product that will actually benefit your business and improve its presentation, but you’ll also save plenty of valuable time! So, if you’re in need of an industry-leading team to provide you with Matterport scans of a physical space, visit our website and book our services!