Reality Capture FAQ

Nuvo360's BLK 360 LiDar Scanner

What is a 3D Scanner? 3D scanners are devices used to create point cloud data of any real-world space. They can be in the form of a drone, geoslam, structured light sensor, or stand-alone lidar puck. 3D scanners can range in price from $100 to $100,000. what is 3d scanner how much does 3d scanning … Read more

Virtual Tours tell the full story behind Residential Real Estate

Nuvo360 Twilight Photoshoot of House

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, searching online continues to be the very first step that most buyers take when beginning their home search.  In fact, in nearly all generations of home buyers, the first step was to look online for properties of interest.  Real estate agents often struggle with getting their client’s listings … Read more

Commercial Real Estate Viewing Has Never Been Easier

Kansas City Commercial Photography

Commercial property listings for sale or lease are seeing perhaps the greatest benefits from the functional nature of a 3-D Virtual Tour. Prospective tenants and purchasers of commercial space oftentimes are not able to get a comprehensive and true understanding of the environment from typical 2-D images. These spaces often have restricted access and a … Read more

Retail services get a Covid boost from Virtual Tour Visits

Business Virtual Tours by Nuvo360

Restaurants, Bars, Breweries and Cafes around the world are utilizing our services to show off the details they incorporated into designing their restaurants. Dining facilities wishing to capture the unique ambiance of their dining establishment, a Nuvo360 3D Virtual Tour creates a stunning online representation of your real-world physical space. Be sure to check out … Read more

Churches and Nonprofits go Virtual during Covid

Church Virtual Tours by Nuvo360

By providing an immersive 3D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, anyone from around the globe can visit your place of worship anytime, from anywhere. With 3D modeling technology, you provide your online viewers a sense of the atmosphere you offer, while you showcase your space and allow potential guests or members to make a … Read more

Virtual Tours brings the Internet of Things to Facilities Management

By providing an immersive 3D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, anyone from around the globe can visit your facility anytime, from anywhere.  3D modeling technology allows prospective employees, clients and customers to engage in your space on a deeper level, making a connection before they visit in person. Share to remote staff and administration/Mangers … Read more

Choosing a Vacation Experience Has never been easier thanks to Virtual Technology

Cruise Ship Virtual Tours by Nuvo360

Fully interactive 3D walk-through experiences empower hotel and resort executives to easily capture the attention of any prospective guest right where they start their search- online. Your guests conduct a huge amount of research online before they make a booking decision. Increase bookings and engage future guests by giving them a truly sensory experience into your room … Read more

Virtual Tours could one day replace Model Homes

Panoramic High Resolution Interior photo of

With the cost of materials and labor at an all-time high, virtual tours of a home could one day replace the builder models. The digital representation of the actual space is so real and accurate, anyone can visit a model from anywhere in the country. Our interactive and completely immersive 3D Virtual Tours powered by … Read more