Getting Honest with Real Estate Professionals!

The entire Real Estate team plays an important role in purchasing and/or selling a home.  Every single transaction involves a bare minimum of 8-10 people before a home can be sold. Have you ever thought about all of the people?  Mortgage broker, Loan Originator, Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Photographer, Home Inspector, Title Agent, Escrow Agent, Loan Closer, Seller, and Buyer.  Each plays an incredibly important part in the process.  In fact, without most of these, the transaction cannot happen.  Some Real Estate professionals take on additional team members to assure a home is clean and presented in its best light- Cleaning Crews, Landscape Professionals, Staging Experts, Window Cleaners, Radon Testers, etc.   Every Real Estate agent has to make the decision about which of these are most valuable to the sale while considering the small percentage they make on the entire sale.  It’s truly not an easy job as some might think. The key to being a successful real estate agent is not about the number of homes you sell in a year, but rather the quality of the work you do with every customer.  Referrals are crucial in the industry.  One neighbor speaks to another and shares their experience when the sign goes up in the yard.  They share with family, they share with friends, and they share on social media.  Imagine the number of people the listing goes through when it first goes live!  How you present that listing, shows the effort you are willing to put into selling a home.  Let’s take for instance this photo:
Panoramic High Resolution Interior photo of
Nuvo360 Digital Twin and Reality Capture Service provider in Kansas City
What message does this send about the agent?  Lazy? Cheap? Not Successful? Not worth the 7%?  Sounds harsh, but it’s true!  Let’s take a look at a professional photo: Real Estate Photography What message does this send about the agent?  Professional?  Willing to invest?  Successful?  Good name in the industry? Every listing you obtain, you have a choice to make.  How will I present myself to the public?  When sellers go online to look at potential homes to purchase, they see agent names.  Along with that, they see the photos that are being used to sell that home.  Don’t sell yourself short!!  Finding the right photographer for your listings can be a daunting task, especially if you’re a new agent or have had negative experiences in the past. But professional photography can make all the difference in the world to you and your clients.  Real estate photographers are an extension of the agent and how you conduct business.  You want someone who shows up on time, conducts themselves in a professional manner around clients, delivers images in a timely manner, and stays up to date on the latest technology. According to the National Association of Realtors:
  • 85% of homebuyers find photos to be very useful
  • 39% of homebuyers find virtual tours to be very useful
  • 14% of homebuyers find videos to be very useful
The next time you have a listing appointment, be sure to include professional photography examples that you will be including in the sale of their home.  If you are a new agent and haven’t had a listing, hire a professional to shoot your own home after it’s been cleaned and organized.  Those photos could become a part of your listing presentation.  Aerial photos are just as important as still photos when there is a large amount of land or exterior feature such as a pool, barn, pond, or golf course attached to the property. There are several photographers in the Kansas City area that offer all types of photography while some offer architectural photography.  Nuvo360 specializes in architectural photography which would assure a quality real estate photo shoot. The equipment required for real estate shoots is not the same as the equipment used for portraiture or landscapes.  Make sure you choose the team prepared for real estate. Unfortunately, interior shots pose a variety of photographic challenges that are difficult for amateur photographers. Always present yourself as a professional, it’s worth the investment in the end.