How To Create a Virtual Tour with an I-phone

Many people want to understand how to capture a virtual tour from their i-phone. In the real-estate industry, there are numerous products available to do just that.
Most real estate agents are familiar with Matterport and have heard recently about the release of the i-phone matterport app. Just how easy is it to create?
Nuvo360 wants to help you do just that. Let’s start by deciding if this is the right option for your listing.

Matterport has multiple applications- the first one you will need is available on I-phone App Store (currently in Beta Testing) and is called Matterport Capture. Matterport Capture App Photo
Once downloaded, begin by staging the home you are capturing. Turn on all lights and turn off all fans. Begin on the lowest level you want to capture and work your way up.
You will need to move your phone every six feet or so and capture in that spot. Follow the directions on the phone. You can do this with or without a tripod.

We recommend only capturing homes less than 1600 square feet with an i-phone. Anything larger than that should be done by a professional from Nuvo360. There are many tools that professional photographers use to make a virtual tour turn out as beautifully as they do. One small mistake during capture can ruin the entire model if
not done correctly.

A few things to consider before you start:
1. Size of project
2. How long you want it hosted through matterport. No virtual tour is free to create or host- if you want to be able to view it on MLS or on a website you must have a paid subscription.
3. Matterport virtual tours must remain on matterports’ platform. You can not download it to keep or show it another way. Once you open an account, it must be paid monthly or your model is deleted for good.
4. The amount of time you are willing to spend capturing the 360 photos. Plan on 1 hour per 800 square feet on an i-phone.
5. Only the I-Phone 12 or newer is capable of producing a quality end product.
6. Although matterport encourages agents to use the photos that the software captures, these are nowhere close to professional.
7. Matterport is a camera company and a software company- they want to sell you both.

If you decide to hire a professional, reach out to Nuvo360. Although based our of Kansas City, we have professionals that have been trained and vetted to serve you across the United States.

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