Churches and Nonprofits go Virtual during Covid

By providing an immersive 3D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, anyone from around the globe can visit your place of worship anytime, from anywhere. With 3D modeling technology, you provide your online viewers a sense of the atmosphere you offer, while you showcase your space and allow potential guests or members to make a connection before they visit in person. Potential bands or performing arts groups will be able to tour your stage to plan ahead for their performance. A 3D virtual tour allows you to attract potential clients for weddings, ceremonies, and receptions. Perhaps your venue rents to event space seekers- show off your space without having to give them a live tour.

Nuvo360 is on a mission- to capture every church in the country to protect Believers, the buildings they worship in, and the assets of the buildings they meet in.  We are a Christian-owned business and believe that protecting God’s people and our right to worship is a priority.  Churches everywhere can participate by utilizing Nuvo360 providers nationwide.

Using an immersive 3D virtual experience with interactive tagging, enables you to engage your viewers and insert interactive messages or a ‘call to action.’ Because non-profits depend on donations it is even more critical to get your message out. Still photography & newsletters do not have the same reach that a 3D Virtual tour can provide. When you use a virtual tour you allow those that can not be there in person to see your vision with you. 3D Virtual Tour technology quickly captures your space and provides a boost to your online presence. Visitors can get an immersive experience via website or any social media platform.

Whether your non-profit helps out after natural disasters or even a Rape Crisis Center, you will see the benefit of using this technology to get your message out! Find out how Our Capture Experts can help you raise awareness and grow a global audience.

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