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Churches and Worship Centers

By providing an immersive 3D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, anyone from around the globe can visit your place of worship anytime, from anywhere. With 3D modeling technology, you provide your online viewers a sense of the atmosphere you offer, while you showcase your space and allow potential guests or members to make a connection before they visit in person. Potential bands or performing arts groups will be able to tour your stage to plan ahead for their performance. A 3D virtual tour allows you to attract potential clients for weddings, ceremonies, and receptions. Perhaps your venue rents to event space seekers- show off your space without having to give them a live tour. Nuvo360 also offers Critical Incident Planning services for churches. This platform integrates new and existing technologies into a secure, intuitive application designed to place Emergency Response Plans and Immersive building intelligence into the hands of key personnel- and First Responders- with the click of a button. This platform, produced by PrePlanLive technology, offers

  • Live Camera Integration
  • Virtual Emergency Response Plans
  • Mass Notification
  • 3D Mapping
  • Immersive Building Intelligence
  • Live Map Integration
  • Panic Button Integration
  • Deep Link of Critical Details
  • Computer Assisted Dispatch Integration
  • HDR 360°  Exterior Photography

Nuvo360 is on a mission- to capture every church in the Kansas City area, integrate with PrePlanLive software, and protect Believers as they worship  the One True God.  We are a Christian owned business and believe that protecting God's people and our right to worship safely is a priority.  Churches outside of the Kansas City area are invited as well, Nuvo360 providers capture nationwide.