Our Virtual Tours highlight Convention Showrooms & Event Spaces

Conventions are an extremely popular way for businesses within a similar industry to introduce new or existing products or concepts to suppliers, distributors, and consumers from across the globe. Attendees are often treated to a wide array of visual displays, demonstrations, and sneak-peeks into the latest technological and product enhancements. For those that cannot attend the convention in person, exhibitors can bring these absent attendees right into their space as if they were actually there. Visitors of the tour are able to visit your booth, view your existing inventory, and experience new and improved product lines right from the comfort of their phone or tablet. Custom annotations can also be embedded in the tour to provide product text descriptions, video tutorials, and even direct virtual attendees to product websites for more information.

Many hospitality venues and City Convention Centers have spaces they rent out for weddings, corporate events, trade shows, graduation ceremonies and parties.  3D Virtual Tours are an excellent way of enabling attendees to visit your exhibit booth virtually when being there in person is simply not an option. Attendees who were able to visit your booth during the convention will love being able to re-visit your product offerings online after they’ve returned home.

By providing an immersive, 3-D virtual experience that is entirely interactive, you can draw visitors to new exhibits, show off museum pieces, event spaces and stunning architecture. Allow those that can’t be there in person to experience an exhibit virtually. 3-D Virtual Tours quickly capture your space and provide a boost to your online presence where visitors can get an immersive experience via website or any social media platform. 3-D scanning enables curators and artists to document and archive an exhibit for their portfolio. Most guests today purchase tickets in advance, online. When a virtual tour is available to show the layout of the theater, the seats are as expected upon arrival.

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