How to bring your retail space to life in Google Maps

Impress them from the start! A workout facility can be an extremely intimidating place for most, especially when it’s a first-time visit. Oftentimes it’s an unfamiliar environment full of complicated machinery they’ve never seen before. Help ease your potential clients fears by allowing them to tour your facility from the comfort of their home. A virtual tour will help make them feel at ease before they even walk in the door offering them motivation to get started and take hold of the goals they have set for themselves. Potential members can tour the track, the equipment floors, the locker rooms, the classrooms, the swimming pools and the lobby before they even arrive. Does your facility have a nursery? Put the parents mind at ease by letting them experience the space where their children will be cared for. Future physical fitness buffs will be ready to start before they even sign the paperwork.

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