St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School- South Building

Benefits of an Episcopal Education

Episcopal schools pride themselves on openness and flexibility. By teaching Episcopal values in daily chapel and in the classroom, Episcopal schools:
  • Nurture students in their own religious exploration and spiritual development.
  • Foster a community that supports physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness.
  • Integrate concepts like societal equity and justice; community service is an integral part of school life.

Academic Excellence

At St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School we offer excellent academics coupled with character development and service learning to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. In a compassionate and faith-based environment, students learn to be innovative problem-solvers who can think critically, use cutting-edge technology, and serve their community.

With STEAM curriculum, project based learning, and small group instruction at the school’s foundation, St. Paul’s students grow into effective collaborators and ethical leaders.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We strive for justice and peace among all people and respect the dignity of every human being. We are proud of our diverse community made of students, teachers, and staff members from more than 40 Kansas City area zip codes. Our community includes a wide range of religious, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds which leads to thoughtful and forward-thinking conversations in the classroom and amongst the school’s leadership.

Enriching Programs

St. Paul’s students experience embedded programs to help them grow as leaders and to prepare them for high school. Whether it’s the buddy program across grade levels, middle school anchor trips, or the many service learning projects, the St. Paul’s experience goes beyond core curriculum.