Holy Angels Church & Chapel

Church Virtual Tours

Using an immersive 3D virtual experience with interactive tagging enables you to engage your viewers and insert interactive messages or a ‘call to action.’ Because non-profits depend on donations, it is even more critical to get your message out. Still photography & newsletters do not have the same reach that a 3D Virtual tour can provide. When you use a virtual tour you allow those that can not be there in person to see your vision and interact as if in person. Our 3D Virtual Tour technology quickly captures your space and provides a boost to your online presence. Visitors can get an immersive experience via a website or any social media platform. Make people feel welcome before even arriving on site.  Introduce your pastors through a media tag, share a photo of a wedding in your church to help brides imagine their big day, show off the coffee bar you invested in, allow those utilizing your kitchen to tour ahead of time, protect the church you built by documenting everything within. The benefits are endless.

Whether your non-profit helps out after natural disasters or even a Rape Crisis Center, you will see the benefit of using this technology to get your message out! Find out how our capture experts can help you raise awareness and grow a global audience.